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Site Policy

■ Multilingual Policy

In order to disseminate information about Tokyo for tourists from overseas, and familiarize them with our various initiatives, we have prepared pages in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean.
When you click the "Language" button on the top of the page, a link to the page for each language will be displayed.
The translations from Japanese into each language was done by professional translators; however, there may be cases where not all the text has been translated accurately, and there is the possibility that they do not accurately reflect the original Japanese content.

■ About Technology

1. The recommended environment
We recommend the following browsers to use our site comfortably and safely.
1 Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
2 Google Chrome, latest version
3 Mozilla Firefox, latest version
4 Safari, latest version

[Smartphone / tablet]
1 iOS standard browser, latest version
2 Android 5.0-, standard browser
(The site may not be displayed correctly on some Android devices.)

2. The technologies used
1 Cookies
When you visit the site, we will gather certain information so that you can browse our page more conveniently and so we can continue to improve our site.
A cookie contains information that is sent from a server related to the operation of this site to your browser, at it is stored on you computer. However, the recorded information never includes personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, or phone number.
In addition, it will not have any direct adverse effect on your computer. In order to gauge access situation of each page, we might use a cookie from a third-party company to which we have outsourced certain tasks. It is also possible to block cookies by changing your browser settings. Even if you do choose to block them, it will not cause any major problems when browsing our site. Please refer to your browser's help page for details on how to change your browser's settings, or ask its manufacturer.

2 JavaScript
This site uses JavaScript for some of the content so that viewers can use our site more comfortably. Please note that if JavaScript is not turned ON (Enabled) in your browser settings, there will be the cases where the site will not be displayed properly.

3 Style sheets
This site uses style sheets. If style sheets are disabled in your browser settings, our site might not be displayed properly or cannot be properly navigated. Please make sure style sheets are enabled before viewing our site.

■ About Legal Matters

1. Disclaimer
We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information published on this site. We may change the information published on this site without notice.
We do not assume any responsibility for the direct or indirect loss due to the utilization of information or content on this site.

2. Copyrights and intellectual property rights
The rights (ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc.) to all the data that makes up this site, including text, images and programs, belong to Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
No user shall copy, reproduce, replicate, transfer, store, sell, publish, or engage in any other similar activities, regardless of the method or form, without permission.

3. Prohibitions
The following acts are prohibited when using the site.

  • Using this site for commercial purposes
  • odifying this site without permission
  • ending or posting harmful computer programs, or sending spam e-mails, chain letters, or junk mails, etc.
  • nfringing the copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of a third party or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or any act that has the potential to do so
  • landering, defaming or damaging the honor or privacy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government or a third party, or any act that has the potential to do so
  • ublishing information, including documents and graphics, which are against public order and morals
  • arassment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government or a third party
  • eliberately sending information that is regarded as clearly being for mischievous purposes
  • riminal acts, actions that might lead to criminal acts or any act that has the potential to do so
  • olicitation for groups, services or activities which are of no relation to this service
  • enerating excess load on the server by using malicious programs or scripts
  • cts that violate laws and ordinances, both past and present, or public order and morals, or any act that has the potential to do so
  • ther acts that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government deems inappropriate.

4. Governing Law and Competent Court
The use of this site and interpretation and application of these Terms of Use on this site shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. For all the disputes related to the use of this site, the Tokyo District Court shall be the competent court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

■About Web Links

In principle, if you wish to post links to this website, you may do so freely. Prior notice is not required, but if you post a link, please send us an e-mail with that web site's contents and URL, the purpose for publication of the link, your name and your contact information.
  You can contact us at:

Please note that if the contents of the web page that contain the link are found to be in violation of the law, or morally repugnant, then we may request that the link be taken down.

In the event that you post a link to our website, please make sure that it is clearly marked as a link to our website. In addition, please do not post any links to our website in the frame of your home page.

Any written materials contained in the files of this website, and thier contents, are subject to change or removal without any advanced notice. Your understand is appreciated.

In principle, any requests made to us to post links to other sites will be rejected.